We’re thrilled to have been able to add Hans Thomas PT to our incredible team. He brings many years of experience with him and he understands how important it is to work together for your benefit. Physiotherapy is an important component of recovery and maintenance to stabilize and correct different aspects of the human body.

Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy helps alleviate pain, restore movement, improve strength and promote function. I work on people of all ages when your normal functional life is altered due to aging, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions,work related factors or environmental factors. I specialize in exercises and rehabilitation, help prevent re-injury or restore you from an injury.

I listen carefully to your needs, goals, expectations and work together to plan the most appropriate treatment catered for you.  I find that some patients are reluctant to work on their pain, injury and discomfort and keep moving on with their busy lives. Often, this happens when people just don’t understand what is wrong, and what they need to do to help themselves. I’ve found over the years, that avoiding this correction process can aggravate your situation making things worse and therefore, more difficult to fix. This is where we bridge the gap and  help you understand the Do’s and Dont’s, the Yes and No, the best and the worst things to do.

I believe in verbal and hands-on communication  is the best approach for better outcome and recovery.  I am here to help you not just go through life but grow through life.