Chiropractic isn’t about pain. Wait….it’s a little bit about pain, but mostly it’s about correction. Did you realize that your brain makes 120 Trillion calculations every single second? That information travels through the nerves in your spine to give and receive messages from every cell, organ, tissue, vessel and gland in your body.

The spine is there to protect your nervous system. When it stops functioning correctly or falls out of position, it not only damages the spine itself, but it also crushes the nerves between the bones interfering with the information coming from the brain. This results in immediate pain, but more importantly, a loss of function of the organs and functions of the body. We have a formal name for this condition. It’s called SUBLUXATION.

Chiropractic adjustments are mostly done by hand, which means the Doctor will put your spine into particular positions to isolate the subluxated vertebra and adjust it back to its correct position. This removes the interference on the nerve and allows the brain to talk to the body again. We like to say that “we’re turning the power back on.”

Likely, it has taken a bit of time for your body to be the way it is today. So, its going to take some time for your body to correct. The only way to find out is to let one of our awesome Chiropractors examine your spine and those of your family and then allow them to make recommendations to get your nervous system working properly.