Chiropractic Care

with Dr. Brent Thompson BSc DC CAC

Why do animals
need to be

Your animal’s spine and nervous system is just like yours. It’s just shaped a bit differently. (Bet you didn’t know that). Their spines experience different stresses than ours and need special kinds of adjustments.

Remember, your animal can’t tell you when they’re in pain and often don’t complain about it. Animal Chiropractic can help with that.


We ask our horses to do incredible things. We ask them to pull, push, leap, jump, run as fast as they can…all the while with a person on their back or pulling heavy weights and usually with something in their mouths.

They experience intense sheer forces that can cause pain, injury and a lack of performance.

Correction of a horse’s spine can improve their lives substantially. Animal Chiropractic care can be a valuable tool when working with your veterinarian to give the best care to your horse. Horses respond extremely well to being adjusted and really love it! Once they figure out what we’re doing, they relax and let us do our work.

How do you adjust a horse you ask?

One segment at a time.

We work closely with your veterinarian.

By partnering with your Veterinarian, we can ensure your furry friend gets the best possible care.

We work closely to make sure any serious illnesses or other issues are addressed and managed by your Veterinarian before any Animal Chiropractic treatment is applied.

We want to do everything we can to help your animal, not hurt it.


Hands-on Approach

After a complete examination, Dr. Thompson will adjust your animal’s spine, arms and legs and even their jaw, all manually. We don’t use any machines; just our hands.

These specific adjustments improve the function and alignment of the spine and extremities which boosts performance, reduces pain, muscle tone and generally makes your critter much happier.


Most of the top performing dogs and horses have regular animal Chiropractic care to make sure they’re at the pinnacle of their sport.

We want them to be able to perform the task we ask of them without injury, all the while doing it to the best of their ability.

Keeping their joints and spine moving freely and keeping their nervous system firing on all cylinders will give them the best shot!

Animal Chiropractic

Give your animal the best care.

Keep them living strong, healthy and happy.