Coral Boyce-Reive R.Kin

Fascial Stretch Therapy (also known as Frederick Stretch Therapy or FST) is an advanced technique of assisted stretching created by Chris and Ann Frederick. Different from traditional stretching, FST focuses on the fascia, joints AND muscles.

Everything in your body – your muscles, bones, organs, blood vessels, and nerves – are held together by a connective tissue called fascia.ย  When fascia is restricted by immobility, injury, and lifestyle, it gets compressed, shortens, and space is diminished within joints and the entire body. Pain and reduced function is often the result, negatively impacting many aspects of your life.
FST is distinct from traditional stretching because it decompresses, lengthens, and creates space in the fascia, therefore positively affecting all systems of the body, not just muscles. Not only does it result in pain reduction and movement restoration in the physical body, FST significantly improves sleep and reduces stress for a total mind and body impact. This is achieved in a session customized to your personal needs for immediate and long-lasting results.
FST treats the whole person, not just a body part. This treatment is done fully clothed while the practitioner manipulates your body in different ways. It is pain-free and uses constant and gentle oscillating movements of traction and stabilization to decompress joints and expand space in the soft tissues. Beyond gaining range of motion where needed, one experiences a vastly improved ability to move with ease and improved proprioception (sense of one’s posture both when still and in movement). An overall feeling of wellbeing, confidence, and ease with oneself after receiving FST is the capstone to personal and professional transformation.
Chronic pain reduction, improved functional movement, improved sleep, improved mobility and flexibility, improved balance, improved posture, improved alignment, decreased stress, and increased athletic performance are just a few of the possible achievements with FST.