Cataline Sadaba

Fascial Stretch Therapist

Hi my name is Cataline and I have been in the fitness industry in one way or another for 10 years.

A personal trainer with specialization in functional movement and postural corrections.

In the past year I have added Fascial stretch therapist to my list of skills and it has taken over and is changing the way I think about movement, the way I train my body and the way I treat my clients. 

I am so grateful to have found Fascial stretch therapy, it has helped me keep my body in shape for my own fitness endeavours and helps my clients move past pain, regain mobility and get back to the work and play that they were made for. 

Our bodies were made to work and play and move! 

My passion is working with my clients to educate so they can understand where and why pain and imbalances have started and be aware and involved in the process of undoing it!

As a weightlifter, I struggled with my own flexibility and mobility. As a farmer, I learned how to maintain a working body and keep it strong and able to go back for the next day. 

I bring my past experiences with my own bodily challenges to help you tackle yours.

Fascial stretch therapy has taught me how to listen to bodies- my own and those of my clients. 

I look forward to hearing what yours has to say! 


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