Man, it’s been a tough few months for sure! We’ve all been effected by C-19 in one way (or many ways) or another. But now, we’re back and ready to serve you and your family the best way we know how and we’re super excited about it.

What’s been crazy in the past couple of months is trying to justify in our own minds this insane notion of prevention. Our businesses, restaurants, stores, schools, churches and pretty much everything has been shut down to prevent the spread of something we didn’t understand. As a result, we’ve been able to prevent the spread of a virus that could’ve done some very serious damage on our society. It’s been hard not to see family, kids, friends etc, but as a result of our prevention, we’ve been able to curb the spread and limit its effects. Prevention means that you’re acting differently, making sacrifices, and putting effort into something that doesn’t appear to require attention, but does. As healthcare people, we’re constantly preaching the idea of prevention and it usually falls on deaf ears. Why should I do anything when I don’t feel pain or I don’t have a disease? We often don’t register the idea of how something can impact our lives, until it does. By that time, it’s too late.

This virus has hurt a lot of people, but our actions have helped to save thousands, if not more. It’s been a total pain in the neck, but worth the effort. It’s no different than taking care of your health in a preventative way. Would you only start eating better once the heart disease or diabetes diagnosis has been given, or does it make sense to start preventing that condition? I think you see my point.

The good news is that we’re back to full steam and chomping at the bit to get life back to normal. Thank you for every time you washed your hands, or donned a mask, or avoided the store if you didn’t need to go, or any single step you did to help us all in this pretty ridiculous situation. We all did our part and it has made a difference. So thanks, and welcome back.

Dr. B