Being Switzerland is hard.

By now we’ve all had a COVID-19 conversation….or 1000 conversations. In our position, we hear everything. Literally everything. We’ve heard all the fear and worry. We’ve heard the conspiracy theories. We’ve heard pretty much everything in between. We’re all entitled to our own opinions and our own impressions based on our own experiences. We’ve come to learn that each of us are different and we all have our own lives and our own individual set of circumstances. The one thing I’ve learned in talking with thousands of people over the past several months is that we need to be very patient and very understanding and accept everyone’s opinions as their own. We don’t necessarily need to force our opinion on everyone just because its different and we think we’re right.

In my position, I’m asked quite often how I feel about the whole COVID situation. To be honest, I try and take a middle of the road approach because, frankly, I don’t have all the information and, as a Chiropractor, we’re in a position where our opinion matters. Whether I agree with all the ideas and theories floating around out there we need to place some trust in those individuals with more information that us and certainly more education. I’m no where near an immunologist, or a virologist, an economist or biochemist. Mind you, neither are most of us so we really need to just do our part, do the best we can, to help us all move back to life as we knew it and NOT the “new normal”. It’s sure easy to join the argument and pick a side and go after those with differing views than your own, but that doesn’t bring us closer together. It only tears us all apart and nobody has any time for that!

I’ve certainly noticed a tremendous increase in stress, anxiety, worry and fear in a huge number of patients. I think this goes without saying and is a normal response. Let’s put our tendency to judge on the back burner and just try and be positive and be “glass half full” kind of people. It’s much easier in my opinion to be positive than to get sucked into the downward spiral of fear, negativity and criticism.

We’ve been working as hard as we can to create a safe, but relaxed atmosphere around the clinic to allow you to feel comfortable but well taken care of. I hope it’s working.