All About Teamwork…and Records

Sometimes, I  feel like a broken record. (For you young people, records are round, black discs us old people used to listen to music on. )

Since we’re all kind of the same, and we all do the same things all day long, I see the same issues come up over and over. That’s to be expected for sure in our society of work and play. What most don’t realize is that a typical patient visit is only several minutes long and the rest of the time, you’re on your own, doing what you normally do. The power of the Chiropractic adjustment is substantial to be sure. What’s also true is that we need to work together to tackle most issues. That means that what you do at home, work and play is critical for your progress and recovery.

I think I ask a patient if they’re icing and stretching at least 50 times a day. We chat about ergonomics, work position, sleep position, workout techniques, how to adjust a car seat, exercises, water, proper nutrition, vitamins, stress management. None of those things are actually done in the adjustment room, but at home, at work and at play. When your Medical Doctor writes a prescription, most tend to fill the prescription and take the medication as prescribed. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do! Similarly, the stretches, icing instructions, ergonomic modifications, pillow recommendations etc are just like that bottle of pills.

The bottom line is: you gotta do the work to get the results. We work WITH you to get the results you want. You’re a critical and necessary member of the team and we can’t do it with out you! So get stretching, icing, watch your posture and we’ll watch you feel better!W