Women’s Health Month // Menstruation

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the trailblazers that we have the honour of knowing and treating.

As you may have seen, we’re celebrating the month of March as Women’s Health Month in the clinic! This month we’re looking to break through some of the taboo and stigma that keeps women from talking about their periods – after all, it’s just a bodily function. I don’t have a particularly hard time with my period – I’m the one that everyone hates because it only last about 3-4 days, I hardly ever cramp, and my body generally doesn’t ache too badly. But, I really struggle emotionally. Like, I’m talking depressive thoughts that actually last for about half my cycle. Exhaustion, lack of focus, irritability, the whole nine yards – and it’s hard to deal with. Birth control made it worse (shocker), and I didn’t fully realize until I stopped taking it. Every woman experiences their period differently, yet we hear so little about it and how to help ourselves. So that’s where we come in!

We’re going to be coming at you with resources, education and tools (hello, essential oils!), and today we’re starting with Chiropractic (because it’s incredibly effective). While Chiropractic is much more than pain management, we’ll start there. For those ladies out there who have intense cramping, low back pain, body aching, etc., while on your period, get checked by your Chiropractor. Having a subluxation (misalignment) puts your immune system out of whack – that’s a scientific term. Eliminating the subluxation in your spine allows for your brain to speak to your reproductive organs more effectively, and reducing the amount of pain you feel. It’s the most natural remedy, requiring no medication. If your pain is worst at the very beginning of your cycle, try tracking when it will begin each month and book an appointment with us for the day before it comes, and the first day of flow – this will help you effectively manage the pain.

Now, it’s time to talk about the “much more” part of Chiropractic that is so exciting. If subluxations can keep your brain from communicating properly with your uterus, low back, etc., then they can also keep your brain from balancing your emotions properly. With all those PMS hormones raging in your body (and I mean raging), plus subluxations that are affecting your adrenal glands, it’s no wonder you’re experiencing anxiety. Pain can often cause bouts of depression – but we’ve already conquered that mountain with the paragraph above. Regular adjustments will also improve your sleep, which is often a rough go during menstruation. For some women, their digestive system gets a little crazy (hello) which can also be treated with… you guessed it! Chiropractic adjustments. Subluxations prevent communication between your digestive system in your brain – so let Dr. Brent adjust those suckers away, and your tummy will be singing a new tune. Another way you can help your digestive system during your period is to NOT give in to when your brain is like: “Girl, you earned this. Eat that pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and don’t go for a walk after. Treat yourself.” It’s a lie – I am so guilty of this because Chocolate Fudge Brownie is my favourite flavour, but eating well and exercising during your period makes for a happier digestive system. Exercise also improves your energy and helps you sleep better, which will help you be a little less emotional. It’s all connected!

I don’t have all the answers because like I said earlier, every woman experiences menstruation differently. But hopefully this month will help you at least become more comfortable talking about Aunt Flow’s monthly appearance. Or as I like to call it, Shark Week.

Ta ta for now!