Lauren McKoy // GOALS. WEEK SIX

It’s a new year, and my foot is feeling much better after my ungraceful tumble down the stairs. A few adjustments, a massage, plenty of ice, and frankincense has it on its way to being as good as new. I still can’t point my toes like I could or put too much pressure on it, but that will come with a bit of time. Muscles take about 6-10 weeks to heal after an injury – which is much longer than I would have thought. Just because it doesn’t hurt as much, doesn’t mean it’s completely healed.

Yesterday, I got to go back to the gym. Darius and I have both been dying to go, especially after stuffing our faces over Christmas. We took it easy because it’s been almost a month since I fell the first time, so we didn’t want to dive in too hard and hurt ourselves. Stretching, flexibility, core, light cardio, stretching, home. And it felt good. I have another 2 weeks of going to the gym 3x/week, and then I’ll have reached my 8 week goal. My next one is going to be running a 5km with the TChiro team, so stay tuned!