I have learned over the last few weeks that there is a specific window in my day that I’m not willing to go to the gym. My husband and I work opposite schedules – so I start early (around 8 or 9), and he finishes later than me (around 9:30). There is no way I’m getting up early enough to go before work. But after I get home, have dinner, and get cozy on my couch while waiting for Darius to get finish work, it’s bedtime for me. Two weeks ago my stomach was upset, it was late, and I really wanted to go to bed – but Darius is a little different than me and I’m pretty sure he would go to the gym at 3 a.m. if I woke him up wanting to go. So we get to Fit4Less, get on the elliptical, and I barely made it 2 minutes before I said to Darius point blank “I don’t feel well, and I don’t want to be here”. So, he gave me some grace and we went home. Other times I’ve been able to push through, but that night I just really needed to sleep it off.

I’m sure you’re doing the math in your head. I won’t go in the morning, and I don’t like going in the evening. And I obviously work at the clinic – so, when do I go? Well, I happen to be blessed with working splits almost every day, and my husband doesn’t always work on my lunches. So while I’m sure it sounds totally bizarre that the best time for me to go to the gym is in the middle of the day, it works for us. The deal is that we go together, so we have to go when it works best for us.

Two weeks ago, we had been going to the gym late and I was not a fan – I got tired, discouraged, and we stopped going for a week when life got busy instead of making time. Well this week, we’re back on the wagon, did a killer workout yesterday, and now my legs feel like they’re going to fall off. If you’ve seen me hobbling around the clinic, now you know why. Here’s to getting back on track!