Lauren McKoy // GOALS. WEEK FIVE

I’ve had to take two weeks off from the gym – but I promise, I have a legitimate excuse. I’ve fallen down the stairs not once, but TWICE in the last two weeks. I’m not talking a little stumble with a quick and graceful recovery. I full on crashed down the stairs both times, and my husband cried out: “honey, WHAT are you DOING?” and has decided that I must be wearing bubble wrap at all times from now on.

The first time, I hit my left side over and over all the way down the stairs, and almost fainted. And on Christmas Eve, I hit my ribs, my back, and my foot slipped under a vanity which is what broke the fall. It’s been swollen and sore ever since, and it broke skin through my sock. I am certain that if I hadn’t been wearing a sock, there would be a significant amount of skin gone from my foot and it would probably be broken.

So, I’m stuck at home icing for a few more days until I can fit my fat foot into regular shoes. Until then, happy new year!