Its A New Year-A Week Later

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So, we’re one week in…how are all those resolutions going? So many of us struggle with these for so many reasons. We seem so committed at the time but just can’t seem to pull the trigger. Amidst the flood of New Years ideas and advice one concept rang true for me that I “knew” but didn’t really acknowledge. I think it was Tony Robbins who made the point that to make a resolution is to RESOLVE to do that thing. Now, if you’ve ever been resolved to do something you know that it means that very little, if anything will get in the way of you accomplishing that thing. So often, New Years is a time for cool ideas, nice little thoughts, wishes and dreams, but few of us actually resolve to lose weight, to get in shape, to get out of debt, to quit smoking, to finally get rid of that back pain.

There’s a huge difference between setting a goal, making a wish and developing a solid plan to make that thing happen!! For example, for me, I’ve resolved myself to get more active and set up a workout area in my house. I’ve fallen off the wagon over the past couple of months and need to get back on. Tough Mudder #6 is only around the corner and there are loads of other things I want to get better at physically. So, I’ve set up the area, loaded a bunch of videos and basically deleted all of my excuses. Now, it’s simply about execution. I can do that.

I could wish that I was fitter. I could set a goal to become uber fit but unless I DO something about it its never going to happen. I’ve asked Katie to help keep me away from bad nutrition choices and give me the time I need when I need to exercise. Of course, she’s all in. Getting support from someone close to you increases the success of your RESOLVE substantially.

The last concept I totally love when it comes to making goals and resolving to complete them is the idea of “Pringle Steps”. Let’s say your goal is to eat the entire can of Pringles. (this is obviously an illustration…you’d never want to eat an entire can of Pringles right?) Unless you dump out the can you can’t eat the bottom one until you’ve eaten all the chips on top. So each chip can represent a small step toward your goal and doesn’t depend on the chip after it, only the chip before. The only way to empty the can is to eat one chip at a time, or take one step at a time toward your goal. Love it. This idea can be applied to absolutely any goal or resolution. The only challenge you have is knowing which steps to take. Remember that even the smallest step is still a step. If you need help with this, I’ll help you! Seriously.

I hope you are able to take those goals and wishes and dreams and turn them into rock solid, undivided RESOLVE. It’s often been said that the happiest people are the ones who’ve made a decision. Make sure you’re one of those. I know I am.

Let me know how you’re making out.

Have an amazing day and let’s make 2017 the best one yet, not because we said we were going to, but because we DID!

Dr. B