Infectious Disease and/or Autoimmune Disorders

Can chiropractic care be beneficial for infectious disease and/or autoimmune system problems such as asthma or allergies in children or adults?
We live in a world that is bombarding us with marketing from pharmaceutical corporations trying to make us believe that their drugs are the best and maybe the only way to fight these problems. In fact, roughly one third of all TV commercials are drug related.
Is there not a natural approach to allowing the body to be stronger? Of course there is! The only problem is that the world of natural health care does not have millions of dollars to market these ideas. Even though there are presently small numbers of people using natural methods over drugs, surveys show that this trend has been increasing over the last 2 decades and is expected to increase dramatically over the next 2 decades.
The reality is that there are numerous natural methods to building a stronger body and allowing us to fight infectious disease and/or autoimmune system disorders. Chiropractic is proving more and more that it is not only capable of fitting into this category but it is leading the world in the fight to educate and to improve people’s overall health. Chiro-practic thought is not built on the medical thoughts of treating disease or symptoms directly. It is built on the idea that removing interference to how our brain and nervous system CONTROLS our whole body allows for maximum function of all our systems, organs, and tissues. This includes our immune system.
Think in a logical sense first: What controls your immune system? Does it just run on its own without guidance, or does a higher function in our body control its actions?
When you think it through, it is easy to conclude that our nervous system IS that controller. In fact, within the last decade researchers are finding that all immune functions are controlled just this way.
As a result, people with asthma, ADHD, bedwetting, Crohn’s Disease, ear infections, allergies and a host of other so-called internal problems, have greatly benefited from chiropractic care. In fact, chiropractic intervention has been the saving grace with many of these people who have first been elsewhere without receiving the results they were looking for. By helping these problems, does this mean chiropractic treats these diseases? On the contrary, these problems resolve as a result of the body functioning normally through chiropractic.
A major point I want people to take from this article is your thinking of where health comes from! We as a society have in the past, been led to believe that by trying to eradicate conditions, diseases, and/or symptoms we create health. This is far from the truth! In reality, health comes from a fully functioning nervous system and body that is capable of fighting off disease and dysfunction because it is working normally. If we work to remove the interference to how the body is supposed to work, instead of covering up the real problems of bodily dysfunction, we get some amazing results. This is the definition of health given by the World Health Organization: “Health is the optimal state of physical, mental, and social well being and NOT merely the absence of disease and/or infirmity.” THINK ABOUT IT!!