Good Things Come to Those Who Decide

In the wise words of Dr. Brent, things do not change unless you change them. Much like our overall health, if we don’t make decisions everyday to make things better, it gets really easy to feel stuck. Here at the clinic, we are consistently making decisions based on growth – of course we are always looking for new patients to care for, but we also want to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to care for our existing patients (who also happen to be incredible friends) in the best way we can. So, in the spirit of resolving to make positive changes in our lives, we have some new things coming to the clinic that we would love for you to be a part of.

  1. Article of the Week: every week on the blog, I will post an article written by Dr. Brent. They will include all kinds of juicy information about why Chiropractic Care is so important, nutrition, vitamin intake, and all kinds of other goodies. This information is valuable, which is why we have decided to make it accessible to you on a regular basis. When you come in to the clinic from now on, Dr. Brent and I will definitely be buzzing about which article is featured that week.
  2. Super Saturdays: This one is not so new, but it is absolutely worth mentioning – this Saturday, January 21st is our second Super Saturday of the year. We know that sometimes weekdays are tough, so we open up from 10-12 every other Saturday in order to serve you better – there is also time between those hours to get a massage. And I mean, who wouldn’t want to come in on a day off to get a massage and an adjustment? Best. Saturday. Ever.
  3. Direct Billing UPDATE: This is probably the update that I’m most excited for. We are now able to direct bill for MEDAVIE BLUE CROSS and GREENSHIELD. Two more companies! And, I have made many phone calls, spent lots of time, and crossed oceans for all of our patients that have SUNLIFE insurance. I have worked out the kinks, and I can now bill for you directly. So really, it’s three companies! I’m so excited to be adding these services, because like we’ve said before, it really is one less headache for you.

All of this to say, our hope is that you come here and can immediately see how much we care about you. We care about your health, your wellness, and your peace of mind. And so, in order to help you to make decisions daily that improve all of those things, we are introducing new systems to help things run a little more smoothly in your routines.

It’s fun to grow, isn’t it?