From Behind the Desk: Insurance Coverage

First of all, happy second day of summer. It has finally arrived (with plenty of rain)!

With the arrival of summer, insurance coverage for the year often runs out – and we completely understand that it can be stressful because there is a cost associated with your care. If he could, Dr. Brent would give free care to everyone who walks in the door. But, we also know that Chiropractic care holds way too much value for it to be free.

Did you know that most insurance plans are designed to cover maintenance care, and not acute body issues that require more frequent care? So, that’s why when your care first started it felt like you ran through your coverage too quickly. But, if you halt your care because of the cost that comes with it, you are more likely to relapse and then end up spending way more money than you would have if you had stayed on track with your program of care.

So, Dr. Brent’s recommendations are not only to benefit your health, but they also happen to save you a lot of money. In the name of self care, I want to encourage you to invest in your health. It’s the best investment that you can make. We only get one body, so we have to take care of it.