Article of the Week // You Are What You Eat

There are FOUR cornerstones to having health naturally:
1. Proper nerve supply;
2. Regular exercise;
3. Sufficient rest;
4. Proper nutrition.
This article is deals with the issue of:

In our society of fast food, prepared foods, processed foods, we are faced with a growing problem of under-nourishment. Our food is continually being sold to us in more variety of ways that are increasingly deficient in nutrients i.e. vitamins, minerals, and food enzymes.
To have a diet that is 100% in quality and satisfies your body’s needs 100%, you have to have a diet that is 100% natural. A diet needs to be all whole foods, foods that comes from what grows in the ground or from what walks upon the earth. These foods must be 100% natural, no herbicides or pesticides, no foods that have been filled with repetitive doses of antibiotics or steroids. If what you are eating has added salt, sugar, food colouring and fat, then you are eating foods that are deficient in vitamins and minerals.


If we eat only natural foods that have not been tampered with, we receive all the nutrients we were designed for. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of Canadians, that is far from the truth. So many people eat and drink foods that have been altered, so that they no longer have the proper balance of nutrition.
No doubt, the decreased quality of our food has happened because of the marketing of more desirable foods that are supposedly quicker to prepare and have better taste. We have entered a time in today’s world that has spiralled out of control. We need to think seriously of our direction with nutrition if we want to decrease the health problems that have been created because of our failing nutrition. The surgeon general in the United States has said that 80% of disease is caused by improper nutrition. That should sound the alarm in every household.
Foods like pop tarts, doughnuts, many breakfast cereals, pizza pockets, most fried foods, and drinks like pop, sunny delight, have next to no nutrition value and are harmful to our health.
Whatever happened to people eating apples, bananas, oranges, carrots and broccoli? Preparing foods that contain whole foods are easy and full of taste. Preparing healthy lunches for our children will make a big difference in how they learn and play at school. It will make a very large difference in their overall development. Think about this, healthier lunches are less expensive to purchase than the unhealthy ones.