Article of the Week // What is Wellness?

Everywhere you look these days in health care it seems that all types of providers are offering you “Wellness” services. There once was a time not long ago that only natural health care doctors (i.e.: chiropractors) offered this type of service. At that time chiropractors were called “quacks” for offering wellness approaches. Now you see it being used by pharmacies, hospitals, and different parts of the medical field. It’s obvious the acceptance of a superior life with natural health care is quickly gaining more ground.
With this explosion in wellness services and with everyone getting on the bandwagon, it’s important for patients and consumers to understand what they are really getting when they access wellness care from a provider or clinic. Is the service actually going to provide a benefit to you in terms of improved health OR is the term “Wellness” merely being used as a buzzword to get you in the door?
There have been publications put out which talk about treating a “whole” person and they include a list of wellness services: mammography, MRI, pap smears, whole body scans, ultrasound, etc. What I find interesting is that there is not one item here that actually enhances your health or well-being. All of these services are essentially diagnostic tests. While they have their place, there is no substance of wellness and holistic care, no item that enhances your health.
The whole Wellness or Holistic approach has its roots from the beginnings of Chiropractic as far back as 1895. In a recent survey of Chiropractors it was strongly agreed by 88.3% the main focus of what Chiropractors excel at is to “MAINTAIN OR TO OPTIMIZE HEALTH FROM A HOLISTIC AND WELLNESS APPROACH”. This is a much stronger change to overall health than to just remove a back pain.
It was also overwhelmingly agreed by Chiropractors and has been repetitively shown in science that a condition known as “Subluxation” creates a lot of the unwanted health problems that people have today. People who have not been checked for Subluxation usually have a lower quality of life and a shorter life.