Article of the Week // Sports and Athletics

Chiropractors have been giving athletes the edge in sports for quite some time. Chiropractors are quite commonly found to be “team doctors” for many professional, college, high school, and elementary school teams. Many successful athletes have banked on chiropractic care to enhance performance and health i.e.: Lance Armstrong, Ian Thorpe, Joe Naimith, Muhammed Ali, Arnold Swarznegger, Donovan Bailey, John McEnroe, Dan O’Brien, Ivan Lendle and countless others.
Many amateur and professional athletes wouldn’t dream of competing without first getting a chiropractor check-up. Research has even shown that on the average, chiropractic care increases athletic performance by 17%. When an athlete knows and understands the difference it can make, they gladly have regular chiropractic care.
If athletic performance is increased by this amount due to an increase in nerve function, then doesn’t it make sense that regular life performance would increase by the same amount. This means that people can simply perform better in their normal daily duties.
An increase in performance is why 75% of the San Francisco 49ers receives chiropractic care regularly. It is also why over 20 chiropractors were present in the last Olympics and why chiropractors are consistently high athletic performers.
How about you? Do you want a winning edge in sports or in life in general? Sports injuries nearly always jar and misalign the spinal column: a blow to the ribs, legs, feet, head, shoulder or torso always radiates to the center of the body. That’s why a chiropractic check-up is needed when you are injured, regardless of the nature of the injury.
If an injury is serious enough to need medical care, the spine is almost always damaged as well. Medical doctors are simply not trained to locate and correct spinal subluxations. That is the realm of the doctor of chiropractic. If your sports team would like an edge and is in need of a “team doctor” give us a call we are interested in working with you.