Article of the Week // Kids, Parents and Posture

Standing up straight is important for everyone, but at no time is it more crucial to develop the habits of good posture than in childhood. Many adults with chronic back pain can trace the problem to years of bad posture habits or injuries in childhood.

Because they are growing and more active, children may be at even more risk for injury to the back and spine. According to studies, there is a significantly high risk of injuries associated with sports and recreation. More than 1/3 of all high school athletes sustain some type of injury. Many childhood stresses and traumas lead to spinal and nerve dysfunction as we age. Children that carry backpacks quite often create postural problems and regions of spinal dysfunction.
We also notice that children and teens that develop Scoliosis commonly develop it due to a lack of proper spinal maintenance. Studies have shown that the children who have taken care of their spines with regular care have over 5 times fewer health problems than the average child. They have fewer occurrences of scoliosis, ear infections, growing pains, and other health problems. It is important to have your children’s posture checked and monitored as they age.
People who choose to neglect checking their posture may be in for a decrease in quality of life as they age. Poor posture extracts a high price as you age because it can:

1. Limit your range of motion – muscles can be permanently shortened or stretched when a slumped over posture becomes your normal position.
2. Organs in your body become less effective – your lungs work at reduced capacity meaning less oxygen to your body, your digestive system has a harder time to function, and quite commonly cardiovascular health is compromised.
3. Your mental/emotional state can be affected – it is commonly known that people who are less capable of supporting their body properly have less energy, they have a harder time enjoying their day, and they are more commonly less active in life.

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