Article of the Week // Immune Function and Chiropractic

Especially at this time of year people are tuned into the fact that a strong immune system is crucial to living a long and healthy life. We are constantly in a health environment that forces us to think of how important our immune system is to live.
If you can build a healthier immune system naturally, doesn’t that sound better for your health than feeling you have to interfere with drugs every time your immune system seems to have a hard time?
We are finding more and more research that shows the control of immune function is through our nervous system. A recent research paper shows how Chiropractic care of certain areas of the spine increase serum immunoglobin M levels (an important part of immune function). The author of the paper stated that it is now clear that immune organs and tissue receive direct control from the sympathetic nervous system, and that the immune system has specific receptors to receive this vital information. The research paper showed that the spleen (important immune organ) receives nerve control from the mid area of the spine (T6-T10). It showed that participants in the research that had spinal adjustments in this region had a statistically significant increase in serum immunoglobulin M levels than did the control group. The research also showed that these levels were increased still several days afterwards.
It means the research has shown that you have a natural way of increasing the function of your immune system so that you will be more capable of fighting different types of bacteria, viruses, etc.
We have known for quite some time now that Chiropractic patients have fewer colds and flu episodes. They have been shown to be sick less often than the average person and there is even evidence that cancer is less frequent in chiropractic patients.
Put quite simply: What do you want in your life? Do you want a body that is built strong naturally, so that it can thrive with vitality, energy and vibrancy throughout life; or a body that is constantly compromised? If compromised, your ability to enjoy life will be less, you may use medications frequently, and eventually the strength of your body dwindles to end life earlier.