Article of the Week // How to Live Longer

You are born to express physical, mental and spiritual health; to radiate vitality, harmony, peace, joy, optimism, strength, love and healing at any age.
But it rarely seems that way. Disharmony, illness, disease, depression, fatigue, and emotional problems touch so many lives. Too many of us walk this earth with our bodies, hearts and souls in pain.
Yet no baby is born bored or depressed. Infants are full of wonder and awe. They breathe deeply, relax completely, radiate energy and sparkle with the light of life in their eyes. They are closer to their natural state, more connected to it, with a clearer connection to the wisdom and intelligence that we are given.
To be truly healthy and alive you must be fully connected to that inner wisdom (innate intelligence) that travels from our brain to our body via our nervous system.
In healing, the goal is to help you better connect to that inner source so your inner doctor may work its miracles. A complete disconnection from this source results in death; a partial disconnection results in dis-ease or disharmony. Many people are in this state; with less than 100% connection, they are less than fully alive. As a result, these people will suffer from health problems more and leave this world before they need to.
Our word “health” derives from the old English word “hale” meaning whole. You are healthy when you are whole, uni-fied, integrated and complete – not fragmented, disintegrated, disconnected or incomplete.
Too many people live their lives silently waiting for disease to seemingly “strike” out of nowhere. They must live with years of body malfunction before the medical profession can discover and diagnose a problem. Does it have to be that way?
More and more individuals are choosing another path. Instead of waiting for their health to deteriorate and have a life threatening diagnosis, they are taking responsibility for their health now and choosing health care systems and life-styles that can maintain and enhance their health.
If you have your spine and nervous system checked on a regular basis you will have the ability to have that inner intelligence flow to your whole body throughout all your days, ensuring a longer and healthier life.