Article of the Week // How Subluxations Affect Your Body

There are five components of damage that our bodies experience.
The first component deals with the joints (vertebrae) of our spine. The vertebrae are out of proper alignment, which leads to increased stress on the joints, discs and ligaments. It creates a reduced range of motion in our spine and a loss of balance and posture. Our shoulders, hips, knee and feet compensate for this postural imbalance. Quite commonly, this creates fatigue or a loss of energy in people due to the extra energy needed for the compensation.
The second component deals with the resultant nerve damage from the vertebrae being out of alignment. Nerves become compressed, stretched or “pinched”. As a result, the nerves function abnormally and lead to pain, altered internal organ function, altered behaviour and other conditions.
Tissue damage becomes the next component on the list. The abnormal pressures on joints and nearby soft tissues lead to swelling, soft tissue damage and many areas become painful and tender to the touch. Unnatural wear and tear causes arthritic changes to the joints and nearby tissues.
Muscle damage is inevitable in these conditions and becomes the fourth component of a Subluxation. Muscles are considered one of the soft tissues and as a result are under compounding stress from Subluxations. They become tense, spastic and are always tight. If Subluxations remain untreated, the muscle weakens which creates pain, and postural distortions. As time goes on this weakness creates more stress on the surrounding cartilage, ligaments and tendons and they begin to weaken as well.
The fifth component creates the most devastating health consequences. Damaged nerves lead to damaged muscles, organs, and systems of our bodies. As time progresses and Subluxations are left untreated these effects, become larger. The effects lead to disease (generalized weakness in health), accelerated aging, chronic fatigue, a lessened ability to respond to physical and emotional stress, and lowered resistance to disease, joint degeneration and possible organ malfunction.
Autopsies performed by a well known pathologist showed that all age groups exhibited multiple “pinched nerves”, organs that were supplied by these nerves showed pathological changes. The autopsies demonstrated the following correlation, the more serious the nerve damage the more serious the organ damage.
Subluxations can cause wide-ranging effects to a person’s health. This is why the public hears about chiropractors helping people deal with many different health issues. Since Subluxations can cause such destruction to a person’s health, every person alive needs to have a spinal check if they want to have a chance at optimal health.