Article of the Week // Headaches

Studies have shown that roughly a third of all people suffer from headaches. The causes of headaches are many; they include such things as spinal misalignment, certain foods, toxic fumes, preservatives and alcohol. Spinal misalignments (subluxations) are shown to be involved in up to 80% of all headaches.
Unfortunately, our society in the past has taken numerous drugs to fight off the pain associated with headaches, in-stead of trying to remove the cause of these headaches. However, we are moving into a time where society is starting to look for the causes. Utilizing natural approaches, chiropractors are capable of removing headaches, or dramatically reducing the occurrence and frequency of these headaches.
When there is a loss of the normal range of motion of the vertebrae in the upper neck region, nerves that feed either the front, sides, back, or top of the head are impinged.
Recent research at the University of Odense, Denmark and Harvard Medical School has shown that chiropractic treatments can dramatically decrease the frequency and length of headaches as well as the number of pain-killers needed for relief. With a proper spinal examination, a chiropractor is able to determine if someone has spinal subluxations and nerve blockage to the head region.
If you are tired of suffering from headaches on an ongoing basis and you want to find out what the cause is, try the natural chiropractic approach. Besides spinal care, chiropractors will look at the need for nutritional changes, stress management, stretching, and food sensitivity testing.
As we move into the next decade, there is a trend developing where people are looking for the cause of their health problems. As a result, the profession of chiropractic will continue to grow at a fast pace, allowing it to continue its quest to have the world heal naturally.