Article of the Week // Five Crucial Reasons to Use Vitamins and Minerals

Five Crucial Reasons to Use Vitamins and Minerals
A healthy diet that is enriched with a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement has been shown to produce healthier people. These people have been shown in the research to have much less disease, fight off the existence of cancer better, have stronger bodies, and live higher quality lives.
There are many different disease processes that appear less frequently with vitamin and mineral supplementation but here are 5:
1. Cervical Cancer- Numerous studies link inadequate intake of Vitamin C, E, A, B12, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, and Folic acid with a much greater risk of developing cervical cancer and cervical dysplasia (the precancerous form).
2. Prostate Cancer- A number of studies have shown men who took Vitamin E and Selenium supplements had a 40% lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Antioxidant support to reduce prostate cancer is becoming well established in health literature.
3. Stomach Cancer- Many studies link Vitamin C with the prevention of stomach cancer, lowering a person’s risk by 40%.
4. Stronger immune system- Many studies demonstrate that supplementing with antioxidants greatly improves parameters of immune function and reduces susceptibility of common viral infections. It is very true that people that supplement wouldn’t think of ever needing a flu shot.
5. Anti-inflammatory Effects- B Vitamin, Vitamin E, and Selenium supplementation is known to exert an anti-inflammatory effect that aids a number of conditions (arthritic conditions, carpel tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc.)
Defending against today’s major killers requires more than just good genes, it requires a lifestyle plan. This plan needs to include supplement nutrients that are sufficient in numbers and quantities that prevent the body from developing degenerative diseases. The plan needs to include an overall health approach that encompasses whole body health, allowing people to prevent a life of drug therapy.
Chiropractic is growing at a fast pace simply because people are learning how to have a healthy body naturally.

-Dr. Brent