Article of the Week // Childhood Ear Infections

“My doctor prescribes antibiotics for ear infections, but my child still has recurrences.” This frequently heard remark is stated by many parents each day. Commonly, parents accept acute otitis media (ear infections) as a normal part of a young child’s life. The truth, however, is that although common, there is nothing normal about it.
Research shows that children may get ear infections as a result of improper drainage of the deep neck lymphatics. This causes fluid build up, an inflamed and bulging ear drum, and a welcome habitat for bacteria.
The preferred medical treatment today is a prescription of oral antibiotics, most commonly, amoxicillin. However, a Journal of the American Medical Association study concluded that children who took Amoxicillin for chronic ear infec-tions were up to 6 times more likely to have a recurrence of their ear problem than those who received a sugar pill. Lead author Erdem Cantekin Ph.D. said “children are being abused by the antibiotic treatment in this country.”
Drug resistant strains of childhood ear infections are rapidly increasing. Health officials say the trend is closely linked to doctors’ misuse of broad spectrum antibiotics. It is now known that antibiotics can cause side effects and lead to the development of drug resistant bacteria that can cause a more serious disease. Antibiotics are not the preferred option in the early stages of the condition.
A more natural approach of killing off bacteria is to restore nervous system function which results in normal drainage of the ears and lymphatics and a more normalized function of the immune system.
Doctors of Chiropractic specialize in restoring normal function of the spine and nervous system and have shown to have a good track record in dealing with children with chronic ear infections.