Article of the Week // Asthma

Chances are you know somebody that suffers with asthma. It may be someone close to you or even a member of your family. There are many thousands of adults and children who are afflicted with this breathing disorder.
Breathing is a specific and delicate process that is highly dependant on nerve supply to keep it functioning normally. The process involves air being brought into the body through the mouth or nose, down the windpipe, bronchi, and fi-nally to the tiny air sacs (alveoli). Along this pathway the air is cleansed, filtered, purified and warmed. This whole process is fully guided through the function of your nervous system. If your nervous system fails to guide this process, you lose the ability to breathe normally.
Improper spinal/nerve function along with food/environmental allergies are generally what brings on attacks that can be life threatening. Asthmatics quite commonly feel condemned to a life of bronchodilators and steroid based drugs which we know have serious side effects. These side effects can either be immediate or may develop over a lifetime of chronic use. Any natural approach that decreases the suffering of asthma is extremely valuable.
So, what can you do?
Chiropractic care has a very good track record of helping adults and children with asthma. Chiropractic helps to re-store proper nerve function through the spine to the lungs and surrounding structures.
Our bodies are self-healing, self-regulating organisms. This means the body is designed to heal itself. Remember that the nervous system is the central computer that runs the whole body and all of its functions; the functions of the legs, arms, digestive system, sinuses, immune system, etc. and even the lungs. As long as the nervous system is allowed to function with no interference, the body should work normally.
The vertebrae of the spine often become subluxated or misaligned, affecting the way the nervous system controls body functions. By correcting subluxations, Chiropractors eliminate interference to the nervous system allowing for nor-mal function, with no drugs! If you or someone you know is suffering from asthma call a Chiropractor today to find out how we can help.