Faith in Humanity… Wayhome style

This past weekend, Katie and I had the chance to bring our other business, Jars., to the Wayhome festival and meet 30,000 or so, of the nicest people we’ve ever had the chance to meet. It reaffirms our faith in humanity where we can all be a sort of microcosm of society for a few days and all live, eat and play together without the need for fighting and disagreement.  There was no pushing or shoving to get to the front of the line. There were no fights. There was no yelling and screaming. I saw no vandalism or stealing.

However, there were so many opportunities to see people’s tolerance and acceptance. It was great to see folks in all sorts of amazing costumes and states of self-expression not being judged, and not simply tolerated, but being accepted. I have honestly never had the experience where so many people, when asked “how are you?”, would actually stop, look me in the eye and reply, then ask me how I was. I’m serious. It really made an impact on me. Having so many people in one place all focused on one thing, simply listening to music, and self-expression was really amazing.

Why am I writing about this on my Chiropractic page? What I haven’t mentioned is that there is a great deal of resistance to this festival. This is much like Chiropractic in our health care system. Chiropractors really just want to help people live better, more productive lives and to be able to achieve the highest level of self-expression there is, health. Let’s be honest, there is resistance to Chiropractic in our business driven health care system. Sometimes this resistance is from folks who don’t understand what we do, or don’t want to understand what we do. Sometimes, this resistance is from those who don’t have your best interest in mind. Regardless, those who experience the benefits of Chiropractic, just like the Wayhome festival, see it for what it really is; your body just simply doing what it loves to do. We are actually designed this way. Your body doesn’t want to struggle. It just wants to help you do the things in life that make you happy and give you joy.

People come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, ages, and forms of belief. The one thing we all share is the life that we’ve been given. It’s finite. Regardless of what we do, what we believe, our morals, values and tolerances, we are all born, live and then we all die. We all share this one thing. What we do with that one thing makes us different.

I would do Wayhome again this weekend if it was on. I strive every day to maintain an environment in my life like this festival. I work hard to help people understand how Chiropractic can play a role in this, to keep us healthy and express our body’s function like God designed us to function. It’s pretty amazing actually when it all comes together and works properly. We can really achieve incredible things with these bodies of ours. Maybe every day can be a festival in our own skin.

How’s your festival going?

See you in the clinic.

Dr. B