Dominican Republic Humanitarian Trip Feb 11-18 2016

Hey everyone. This February, my daughter Emma and I are heading south with her high school on a humanitarian trip to the Dominican Republic. Part of our activities will be to distribute items to the locals there who either can’t afford these things or don’t have access to them. So, we’re filling two large duffle bags with these items and taking them with us. We’d love it if you could help us fill them.

We’re looking for some of the following items:

  • gently used summer clothing for all ages
  • sports equipment (balls, shoes etc)
  • hygiene products (deodorant, feminine hygiene, baby wipes +++)
  • shoes and sandals
  • medications (advil, tylenol, benedryl, rubbing alcohol, pregnancy tests!!)

Any materials like these will greatly help us. When our bags are full, we’re ready to go. We’re looking forward to helping these people live better lives and will contribute in our small way to making sure that happens. It’ll be a great experience for all of us and we’re excited!!

Thank you for your help!

Dr. Brent & Emma Thompson