What are you doing to keep your family healthy?

One of the Essentials of Health is to maximize oxygen and lean muscle throughout the body. This isn’t an option, it’s an essential!
We know that when you follow the Essentials of Health they’re 100% guaranteed to work each and every time. Your body will always function better when it receives oxygen and has more calorie burning lean muscle. Period. The trick sometimes is finding what works for you and your family to get and stay active and healthy.
I encourage patients to exercise 3 to 5 times per week and it sure makes it more fun to do at least one or more of those exercise sessions with your family members. What better and more efficient way to get your whole family active than to do the same activity together? Now, having said that, it isn’t always easy to motivate your family to join you but just keep pushing and one of these days they’ll get the hint. Leading by example is a great way to show your kids and your partners the long term benefits of exercise.

It’s a beautiful Tuesday evening where I am and I spent it riding bikes through the woods with at least most of my family. Got a little exercise, enjoyed the outdoors and spent quality time with my family.
What better way to spend a Tuesday evening??

What did you do tonight?

In good health
Dr Brent


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