Take Charge of Your Weekend

We know that the five essentials of health are absolute. You will always be better when incorporating healthy principles into your life.
This long weekend is no different. Maximize your mind this weekend by turning the brain off, rejuvenating and restoring your energy. Burn off some stress and steam by getting together with friends, help your body burn calories and maximize oxygen by getting outdoors and getting some exercise. Enjoy yourself but don’t forget to watch what you’re eating and make smart food choices. You can still eat fabulous food and eat smart at the same time.
Protect your body by working carefully around the house. Some simple stretches before tackling that tough task are highly recommended.
Putting all these essentials together is the foundation of how we help our community live healthier lives. Incorporate them into your every day life and you’ll live healthier too.
Have a great weekend.
Dr. Thompson


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