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  • IsaPro Whey Protein FAQ (podcast)
    Trainer: Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D. Listen in as nutritionist Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D., goes over some of the most frequently asked questions about whey protein. He’ll explain why it’s used in Isagenix products, why it helps the body build more muscle, and why it helps burn more fat.
  • Aging & Sarcopenia (podcast)
    Trainer: Susie Rockway, Ph.D., Isagenix Director of Research and Science Are you losing muscle as you age (aka sarcopenia)? Learn how you can prevent sarcopenia before it starts by listening to Susie Rockway, Ph.D. She’ll discuss why muscle decline happens, the seriousness of its outcome, and how you can avoid it and instead gain muscle […]
  • Just in Time for Winter, Introducing New Isamune Plus with Zinc
    One in five people in the United States loses a day or more of work or school during the winter season — the risk of which is increased when stress, poor diet and lack of sleep are in the picture. Worried about another year of feeling miserable? New Isamune® Plus with Zinc is one way […]