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  • Whey Protein Concentrate: A Brief Summary
    By Dr. Michael Colgan
    On average, high quality milk is 27 percent protein, 37 percent lactose (milk sugar), and 30 percent fat.  The remaining 6 percent is calcium, other minerals, and ash.
    Thus, what is called “4 percent milk” or “whole milk” is a high fat food, because the percentage determination includes the water, and milk is mainly […]
  • Triathletes Gain Competitive Edge with Isagenix
    Training as a competitive triathlete is demanding. Unlike other endurance athletes who train for one individual sport, triathletes must meet the unique challenges of running, swimming, and cycling in an all-day race. They work long, hard hours to keep their bodies in peak condition by maintaining a balance of little body fat, yet sufficient muscle mass […]