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  • How Safe is Whey Protein? Ask Dr. Colgan
    by Michael Colgan, Ph.D.
    Increased protein consumption has become popular among individuals, especially athletes, trying to increase or maintain lean muscle mass and lose body fat. Whey protein concentrate (WPC) in liquid form has become the most used protein supplement because it is shown to be rapidly and easily digestible without adverse side effects.
    Clinical studies show […]
  • Human Trials Review: Resveratrol “Softens” Effects of Aging
    Resveratrol stimulates genetic expression of Sirt1, “the longevity gene,” similar to calorie restriction (CR). This is the reason why resveratrol is well known as a CR mimetic and why, like CR, it extends lifespan in the fruit fly, the nematode worm, yeast and rodents. Even in studies where resveratrol didn’t increase lifespan, it still appears to reduce those unwanted changes that can […]

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