Just got in from an amazing run in the heat.
Was it my best run? No.
Why would I run in 32 degree Celsius when I don’t have to? One of the essentials to health is to maximize oxygen distribution and lean muscle. There’s only one way to do that folks. Not with a pill or some diet program. Exercise. Exercise is the only way.
Patients know that I preach exercise and stretching all day every day. Might drive some of you crazy. That’s okay with me. My job is to give you the tools to live healthier, more vital, maximized lives. I can’t just tell you to do it. I have to do it myself.

Take some time today and get some exercise. Go for a bike ride with the kids. Do some gardening. Just go for a walk. On a day like today you’ll break a sweat no matter what you do. Just remember you’ll be living a longer more maximized life when you do. Maybe I’ll see you out there. I hope I do.

In good health,
Dr. Thompson


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