Spreading the Message

I wanted to take a second and thank my entire patient base for the opportunity to care for you and your families. There is great satisfaction in knowing that I’m helping people live healthier, more productive lives. A special thanks to those who have recently stepped up to the plate and helped us in our mission to make our entire community healthier by telling others about Chiropractic. We have recently had an influx of referrals from our patients and I want you to know that we appreciate your efforts! We really do rely on you to help us connect with those members of our community who either don’t know anything about Chiropractic or who hadn’t considered adding Chiropractic care to their lifestyle.
The best way for us to thank you is to “give back” just a little. If you’ve been in the clinic recently, you’ll notice that we’ve brought back our old referral policy. For every referral you send us, you’ll get a spinal adjustment at no charge.

The real satisfaction comes from knowing that you’re helping others live better, healthier lives and we thank you for it. We’ve all had people shoot us down when we recommend Chiropractic care to them. Just share your story and tell them how your life has changed because of Chiropractic and watch their minds shift.

Thank you again. In good health,

Dr. Brent Thompson


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